30 de abril de 2012

Doodles and what they mean

Do you always doodle on your notebook? And you know why do you choose that or this drawing?
If no, now you can discover!

You don't like to be alone. You like to stand out on groups, and do anything to have some function in some group.

You're sensitive, you have a motherly way.

You have a fixed idea. If they point low or left out, it's past. If they point right out, it's future, and if they point up out, you are bored.

You're curious. You're looking for the solution to some problem. To the right, it's future. To the left, it's past.If they were closed, it's probable that you don't want to face some situation or to admit something about you.

You're a complet person, but like to be with others. But if the circles were stick out, you want to be with yourself, or you're getting a segret. 

Faces and Mouths:
You're well in your world. The expressions of the doodles show how you are in the moment. 

If you write your name many times, you can be feeling sad or reject by others. Or it can be worry about yourself.

You're not lazy. You're creative, motivated and you like to be part of something. If the cubes were inside each other, you can be frustated with someone. 

You have definitive objectives in your mind. If the stars were symmetrical, you know to analise the situations, you're curious and self-confident, but if they weren't you have a lot of energy, but don't know how to use them.

You're well where you live. Without windows or doors, it can be not much space.

You are looking for love or you have already find it. Broken heart you are trying to recover.

Straight lines show you are thrilled, and get to the point of your objectives. Zigzag lines or that cross each other, it indicates something affect you so much. 

You want to dive in something new, to change your life. 

Fonte: http://anynhafreitas.blogspot.com.br/2010/04/significado-dos-rabiscos.html
(como fiz esse post um pouco corrido, pode ter algum errinho bobo, mas assim que der dou uma revisão nele, e se quiserem podem indicar onde está o erro, ok?)

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