20 de novembro de 2011

Nail art - Marble nails

Hello persons ! 

So, today I'd like to show you how to do a different and veru interesting nail art ! It's the marble nail, it's simple to do, you need just a little water and the nails polish !

Let's see how you do it ! 

(this images're from this site)

A) In a glass with water, drip one drop of one color you want.

B) After the first color, you drop other color you like. 

C - G) Do the same, you need to drop at least 10 drops, alternating the colors.

H - O) With a little toothpick (or a pin), you'll make the design you want to do in your nail. 

P) Now, insert your nail (or the tip) in the water.

Q) Now, remove the excess of nail polish, before you withdraw your nail. You can do it with a cotton, or something like that. 

R) You remove your nail of the water, with care to not smudge.

S) You clean your finger, your nail.

And your nail art is finished ! :)
Did you like it ? Do it, and tell me the result ! :) 

So, I put one video to you see, it can be better to you understand:

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